Re: [Evolution] Authentication issue with gmail imap account

On Tue, 2020-08-25 at 22:35 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
I recently started getting authentication failed messages on my
imap accounts in evolution, so I went into gnome-online-accounts
deleted my gmail email account.  I then recreated the gmail online
accounts and was able to define the email accounts in evolution. 

Did you recreate the account in GoA or did you create the accounts
directly in Evolution?  The latter is definitely the way to go.

seem to be interacting with the gmail imap system fine, but I keep
getting the following error messages in the GUI:

Error while Checking for new mail at "user gmail com"
Failed to authenticate Coreresponding source for service with UID
"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" not found.

According to the GNOME wiki, I should set the CAMEL_DEBUG
variable, but I am unsure which value to use in CAMEL_DEBUG when
running evolution in debug mode while researching this problem.

It's an IMAP account, but I don't think the error will be coming from
IMAP.  You've blanked out the UID, is it a gmail address or is it an
evolution internal UID?

I suspect that you will need to remove all the gmail accounts,
evolution and all its components ("evolution --force-shutdown") and
then restart evolution and configure the gmail account within
(i.e. not a GoA account)


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I don't recall how I recreated the email accounts.

I have just now done the following:
1) Deleted gmail email account via Evolution
2) Checked Online Accounts and there were no entries for Google
3) evolution --force-shutdown  (had to perform twice to kill all
4) From Gnome Menu
            Mail Account

I then filled out for with gmail account information.  I left the box
for "Look up mail server on the entered email address" checked.

I then clicked Next and the returned settings looked okay.

The gmail account showed up in Evolution with seemingly all the old
email present.

A short time later I received the following message:
Execution of filter "Mail from utube" failed: invalid folder URI "xxx"

The URI appeared to be a normal UID type string.

I then went back to the Gnome Menu
        Select the gmail account

  Receiving Options

I changed the setting for "Check new messages every 1 minutes" to 1
I selected "Check for new messages in all folders".

I clicked on "OK".

I restarted Evolution from the Gnome Menu.

There were no GUI displayed error messages on startup.
It is been 10 minutes and there have been no GUI displayed error

For at least now, that seems to have resolved the issue.

Thanks for the assistance.

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