[Evolution] Partial Restoring of single folder into Evolution

Hello all,

I am new here, coming from 30 years of Windows / Outlook....

So far, I managed to START to get my head around the diffrences, but gradually I see that this package is a serious contender.
I am running it under Ubuntu 20.04. I have many folders I imported from Outlook and also created a new folder for Linux specific items.

Maybe, I made a mistake by calling the folder "Linux", but anyway - the folder got corrupt and I am trying to find what was inside it, but without doing a complete restore of the .tar.gz backup I made just last Thursday.

So, I want to try and restore a single folder from this backup file and considering the following steps:
1) Unpack the backup .tar.gz file into a temporary folder
2) Drill down to the folder I want to restore, I found it and it has in it 3 sub-folders : .cur, .new, .tmp
3) Grab those 3 folders and pack those into a small .tar.gz file
4) Import this file into Evolution

Or, is there a better way?

Thanks for any suggestions

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