Re: [Evolution] Evolution setup

3) The people in the forum, are trying to help (from my own experience)
, but - they are unable to get down to our "Layman" level naturally, so
when you pose a question, be specific and say where you are at this

It's not that people have a problem "getting down" to a layman level -
it's that sometimes it's very difficult to determine a person's
ability: people get (very) offended by talking down to them as much as
people complain about making it too difficult to understand. 

4) Linux is a very open OS and offers many configuration options, which
for beginners like us makes it confusing. Most of those options can
only be executed through command line / Terminal commands, unlike the
GUI you and I are used to.

No, most people can deal with Linux without ever going near the command
line.  The level of configurability is to some extent down to the
desktop you use - Gnome tries to keep things relatively uncluttered and
not all configuration options are available through the user interface;
KDE has a reputation for being ultra configurable, where all aspects of
the application can be configured somewhere. They're different that's
all.  Evolution is a Gnome application and so not everything can be
done through the GUI - but things that can't are usually obscure or
legacy configurations - in day to day use you don't need the command

1) I am used to Outlook in Windows. I created a backup and imported it
into Evolution - there is an Import option - under the File menu
2) Evolution is a very powerful package. All my folders were imported
from Outlook.
3) Evolution installs with a UNIFIED inbox by default. All my many
email accounts are comming into ONE Inbox

We need to unpack this statement.

The way that Evolution deals with the mail is dependent on the account
type.  IMAP and other types where the mail is stored in a place that
Evolution has no direct control over have separate inboxes with each
account having it's own folder tree in the left hand pane.  

Accounts were Evolution downloads mail to it's own folders and where
Evolution has direct control over the storage locations are "unified"
into one inbox under "On this Computer". This primarily means POP3

So all the POP3 accounts will download their mail into the local Inbox;
IMAP accounts will each have their own folder.

So Evolution doesn't use a single Inbox by default, but it looks that
way if you only ever use POP.


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