Re: [Evolution] newbie question - many accounts, one inbox - How???

Thank you very much Andre, that is most helpful and gets closer to what I want. I can then create folders under On this Computer to move the stuff I want to keep into.

One thing puzzled me when playing around with search folders was that under “Status” in the options there was no option to select Unread messages. That would be really useful.

One quirk it showed up was that although in MacMail my hotmail inbox only has 202 messages in it going back about 8 months, in Evolution there are many thousand going back to 2008 which would be about when I started using a mac. So it looks like the Mac has never been deleting messages on the server, just hiding them. (obvs not an evolution problem :-) )

A couple of other replies seemed to think that I was asking the Evolution should behave the way I want it for everyone - very far from the case; after over 30 years of using email, (I think I got my first personal email address in about 1987 on something called fidonet) I will certainly have evolved a very personal way of handling email. Just need a system that can be tweaked to match me.

Looking elsewhere I see that some other clients refer to what I want as “Unified Inbox”, although neither of the ones I have briefly tried yesterday are as good as Evolution in other respects.

Thanks for the help. Of the main Linux option Evolution is clearly a vast improvement on Thunderbird for me, I hope it continues to be maintained  and thanks to those who put the work in to do that, you rock!


On 15 Aug 2020, at 19:28, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:

Check "Mail Management » Sorting and organizing mail » Advanced Options
» Using Search folders" if you only want a unified view but messages
remain in their actual accounts and folders).

Set up filters if you want to actually move messages across accounts.

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