Re: [Evolution] Evolution Gmail Connect Problem

I have additional information on this issue.

Problem summary:

I experienced an unexpected power outage (no UPS) while the computer (Opensuse 15.1) was up and Evolution 
3.26.6 was running. The computer restarted fine, but Evolution had lost it's connection to the, and went into an endless loop  "Scanning folders in "IMAP server"". 
I still had all my locally stored email and calendar information.


After working with Milan on chat, I tried to find where the OAuth2 password was stored so I could delete it, 
but could not find it. (Comment: in retrospect, this was probably a dead end from my user perspective). I 
also tried several computer and Evolution restarts.

Decided to uninstall and reinstall Evolution via YAST. Before doing that I renamed the .config/evolution and 
.cache/evolution directories. After the uninstall, I presumed (incorrectly) that Evolution would start fresh 
and I could re-authenticate with Google.

Upon starting Evolution, it went <unexpectedly> completely back to the same "Scanning folders...." problem, 
but without any of the old, local emails however. (Observation: that account information is stored somewhere 
besides .cache and .config. I would like to know where). 

Given this behavior, I started looking more closely at the "Edit-->Accounts" options. I deleted the gmail 
account listed there, and re-added it. Actually I did this a couple of times, but then got an email on a 
different email account/app from Google stating the Evolution login attempt had been blocked, but gave me a 
link to Google letting me ID and permit the action. After doing that, I got an Evolution popup that windowed 
to Gmail and let me reenter my password. At this point Evolution redownloaded everything and now everything 
works as expected.


Clearly the problem was nothing specifically with Evolution--I simply needed to re-authenticate with gmail's 
servers, but was never presented with an option to do so. I suggest adding a timeout to the "Scanning 
folders..." code. In conjunction with this, there needs to be checking to see if re-authentication is needed, 
and present the user with the chance to do so.

There was also no need for me to uninstall Evolution--simply deleting the account would have worked fine. I 
simply wasn't experienced enough with Evoution to consider that previously. 

And finally, I need to thank Milan Crha for his help on chat. It helped me to understand Evolution better and 
is greatly appreciated.

And finally #2, the Evolution code that auto-configs with gmail is really slick (good)!


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On Mon, 2020-08-03 at 08:53 -0400, Full Name wrote:
The computer came back up no problems, but Evolution is lost in
space. I can start it, the interface comes up fine and it kicks off
about 10 processes dealing with the address book, etc, but all the
email and folders are gone, and it endlessly tries to communicate
with gmail ("Scanning folders in "IMAP server"".

we had a chat on IRC and after running evolution in offline mode the
Google mails showed up. The problem seems to be that the Evolution
doesn't ask for the OAuth2 credentials, it seems something happened to
it. It's currently under investigation by the reporter. I recall a bug
about this, it's possible the 3.26 is affected by it, but I'm not sure.

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