Re: [Evolution] Evolution Gmail Connect Problem

On Thu, 2020-08-06 at 12:40 -0400, Full Name wrote:
Upon starting Evolution, it went <unexpectedly> completely back to
the same "Scanning folders...." problem, but without any of the old,
local emails however. (Observation: that account information is
stored somewhere besides .cache and .config. I would like to know

good you made it working. I wanted to avoid the account re-creation,
because it means to re-download everything from the server. I might
mention it as an option earlier, I guess.

Anyway, I'd like to comment/clarify on the above (quoted) thing:

You've been playing with internal Evolution files. As Evolution is not
only Evolution, it's also evolution-data-server, then even you deleted
the files the background processes of the evolution-data-server had the
data in memory. You might execute `evolution --force-shutdown` before
and after you play with the internal evolution(-data-server) files, to
really start from scratch. Or restart the machine. That was the reason
why the account was still visible, stale data in memory.


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