[Evolution] Evolution Gmail Connect Problem

Hi. I'm running Evolution 3.26.6 on Opensuse 15.1. I'm pulling emails from Google's IMAP server. Everything 
was running fine until two nights ago, when we had an unexpected power failure while my computer was up and 
running (no UPS).

The computer came back up no problems, but Evolution is lost in space. I can start it, the interface comes up 
fine and it kicks off about 10 processes dealing with the address book, etc, but all the email and folders 
are gone, and it endlessly tries to communicate with gmail ("Scanning folders in "IMAP server 

The ~/.local/share/evolution directory looks fine, the ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/folders.db 
database is there, but again, Evolution doesn't display any folders or email and can't communicate with 
google. Help?

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