[Evolution] Issue with the interface language

Hello there!

It has been A LOT of years since i've used a mailing list to request support... :) i'm not sure the list support rich text, therefore i'm going full ascii.

# Let's start with the big picture

Long storty short, a few months ago i've assembled a small linux box for my mother: she is 70+ years aold and I don't want her to be plagued by windows updates (which will turn me into her technical assistant). The previous machine she used had Windows XP! 

So i've installed POP_OS 19.10, switch the desktop to Cinnamon desktop environment, which is pretty similar to XP and the system migration "shock" has been minimal.

There's only one issue. The translation inside Evolution!

# the real issue

We are italians. I'm almost quadrilingual (italian, english, spanish, php) but she can't understand english beside a few basic words.

When I've installed Evolution, to replace Outlook, I've noticed that the community has done a pretty good job translating almost everything. 

There were a few omissions, because the software is always upgrading, but nothing really serious... beside one button: the button to "add attachments" inside new email, was in english. 

"well, it's strange, but they are probably going to translate it sooner or later".

After checking the quality of Evolution, i've decided to install it on my laptop, which also has POP_os 20.04, but with the default desktop environment.

To my surprise, my installation has the button "add attachment" correctly translated!

Today, i've upgraded my mom linux box to pop_os 20.04, but the button for the attachment is still in english...

- where could be the issue?
- could i customize the interface for my mom?

thanks in advance!

Kind regards

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