[Evolution] flatpak evolution 3.32.5 hanging on attachment upload

Linux Mint 19.2
Flatpak Evolution 3.32.5 (flatpak git2ee5104) 

I write an email, attach a 700k file, evolution hangs with the message uploading files.
Hang time is 3-10 minutes depending on the target ( 3-5 minutes to gmail/g-suite, 5-10 minutes to Office 365),
at which point I get a generic failure message an the option to continue editing, discard or retry.

If I continue editing and save as draft, when I come back to the draft, I'm offered the ability to add an attachment, but
the system with won't take it or isn't displaying it in the attachment bar ( don't know which at this point ).

Thoughts or work arounds for either situation ?


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