Re: [Evolution] Evolution not syncing with the server through IMAP

1) Use a different IMAP client such as Thunderbird to see if the ISP is
behaving correctly.

Set up Thunderbird to the account and compared contents of the email account folders shown in Thunderbird and 
Deleted an email in the Thunderbird Inbox folder, which would put a copy in the Trash folder (server trash 
The email would then re-appear in the Thunderbird Inbox, as if re loaded from the server. 
Webmail showed that email in it's Inbox with the sender email as unknown. 

Conclusion: The server account seems dysfunctional

2) Set up a different local user on your machine, then configure
Evolution in that account (using the same email account as before). If
it works, the problem is with your original Evolution setup.

Created a new local user on my machine.
Configured Evolution with the email account.
That Evolution account downloaded last 3 days of emails from the server Inbox into it's Inbox. 
It ignored the older emails in the server Inbox (as seen through Webmail)
It downloaded all the emails in the server's Trash folder to the local folder.
The server had many duplicates of each deleted email and those duplicates were also downloaded.
I "emptied the trash" on the local trash folder with purge tool and local Trash folder emptied.
The server Trash folder did not synchronize.

I deleted two emails from the local Inbox.
They did not appear in any trash folder.
They were not deleted from the server, nor were they changed in any way.

Conclusion: The server account seems dysfunctional


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