Re: [Evolution] Evolution version 3.28.5 - how to recover deleted messages

On Tue, 03 Sep 2019 18:11:50 +0200, essebi di salvadori bruno wrote:
I was trying to order my e-mails with Evolution, and I deleted
definitely a folder. After that I didn't found most of my e-mails
(even those that I had put in specific folders to archive them).


don't worry about your English.

Are emails of POP and/or IMAP accounts lost?

Assuming you deleted files on your HDD or SSD, then for the moment the
only advice I can give, is to shutdown the machine, to boot a live media
or to use another computer, to get in contact with this mailing list and
to wait for other replies.

In case you need to recover deleted files, you should mount the
partition with the emails read only, to avoid that they get overwritten.
It could be possible to at least restore some emails, that were
deleted, because usually they are not really deleted, unless they were
overwritten. There at least is a chance to recover files from a HDD.
Regarding SSDs I've got no idea what to do. However, an SSD for sure
should not get trimmed, if attempts to recover files are planned. For
the moment _under no circumstances_ mount the partition including the
emails read and write and don't trim an SSD. I might be overcautious,
but this is the best advice I could give at the moment. Somebody else
might know better.


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