Re: [Evolution] Options for automatically setting up accounts / preseeding / autoconfig?

On Wed, 2019-11-27 at 19:04 +0000, Jason Alavaliant wrote:
I'm looking for options like Thunderbirds autoconfig 

Evolution supports that [1], but it reads only POP3, IMAP and SMTP
information from it. I'm afraid Thunderbird does not support EWS
(Exchange Web Services) in the autoconfig. Evolution could use some
extended format for it, unless it would break Thunderbird.

Does such a feature exist for evolution?

Some admin-controlled autosetup is possible. It's described here [2].
There is no better description for it. Maybe look here [3].

Long story short: you configure desired account on one machine. Then
you get relevant files for it at ~/.config/evolution/sources/ and copy
them out. You tag them with a revision and replace things like user
names and email addresses with variables. Then you distribute these
files on user machines (or better on some common place and you only set
a path where to look for them on those user machines). That way,
whenever the revision of the file changes, it is updated.

With respect of OAuth2, users will be asked to log in the first time
they open Evolution. You can use some 3rd-party mechanisms to prefill
the credentials into Seahorse (or libsecret, for what it worth), but
it's tricky and I'd not do that. Better let the user log in on their

[2] (with its Blocks bugs)

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