Re: [Evolution] EWS account goes offline after a while.

On Mon, 2019-06-24 at 16:30 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:

After writing this, I was thinking that this may be related to that
on this EWS account, I get authentication errors all the time.

Errors like what? Could you copy&paste it here (with anything private
in it replaced), please?

The error that comes, is this:

Failed to refresh folder "accountname:Inbox".
The reported error was “Authentication failed”

Did also libsoup change? I think of:

I have checked the pacman log but no libsoup update around the same time

I can then just close the message and the account works without any
problems again , for a while. Maybe this behaviour has been changed
in the latest verson and that when the authentication error happens,
Evolution now sets the account offline?

I'm not aware of any related change off head (which doesn't mean there
didn't change anything with it; if you can downgrade only evolution-
data-server and evolution to 3.32.2, then you'll verify whether it was
really that - if trying, then do not forget to restart the machine). If
it's about those auth errors, then better to address them, than to live
with them and workaround them by some other means.

Ok, I have downgraded evolution and evolution-data-server and now I am back to the way it was. i.e. I get 
errors about authenticaion errors but when I
just open another email, Evolution continues to work as nothing has happend.

About the authentication erros, we had a go on this for a while ago but did not really come to any 
conclusions.. The problem seems to be firewall
related.. I can use the same version of Evolution inside work (inside the LAN) and there I have no such 
errors. But here at home, I have those
(But I am connected to the same mailserver from my iphone but I am using activesync on my phone so I guess 
that's why I do not have the same issues


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