Re: [Evolution] Composer very slow

On Wed, 2019-06-26 at 13:57 -0600, Zan Lynx wrote:
Try Fedora


assuming the original poster has got a reason to chose Ubuntu other than
installing it just for using a particular mail client, it's not a
solution to migrate to another Linux distribution.

Ubuntu has got its pros and cons. I'm using the 16.04 LTS, as well as
Arch Linux. Since the software versions provided by 16.04 are old, they
don't suffer from a few annoying issues, that affect all other distros
using more current software versions, this is a warning, but way too
off-topic to go into details.

The major issue with Ubuntu flavours and Evolution in general is, that
Evolution is provided by the universe repository. Other then the main
repository, the universe repository is not maintained by Canonical, see

Current Ubuntu releases migrated back to GNOME, but they didn't make
Evolution, the GNOME mail client, the default for Ubuntu installs.

I don't know how well or bad Evolution works for 16.04, due to bad
experiences with running Evolution on Ubuntu in the past, I only run
Evolution on Arch Linux.

IMO the OP should send a request to and ask, if there
are known issues related to Ubuntu 16.04 and Evolution and if so, if
there are workarounds available, such as Evolution provided as a snap.
If there should be a snap available, it's important to ask, if there are
known issues, due to the sandbox approach.

After clarifying "things" on the Ubuntu users mailing list, it might be
worth to send a request to . This is
not the developer's mailing list, it's a discussion mailing list, the
"Point of contact for Ubuntu users to reach Ubuntu developers".


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