[Evolution] EWS account goes offline after a while.

After the latest update on Arch linux, the EWS account is being marked as offline a little while after opening the application. Never had such problems before, so I am guessing something in the latest update is causing this.
Is this a known problem or? (I can close the application and then it works ok for a little while again)
The update was for evolution and evolution-data-server from 3.32.2 to 3.32.3 (should evolution-ews also have been upgraded to 3.32.3, is that the reason?)

After writing this, I was thinking that this may be related to that on this EWS account, I get authentication errors all the time. I can then just close the message and the account works without any problems again , for a while. Maybe this behaviour has been changed in the latest verson and that when the authentication error happens, Evolution now sets the account offline? Or?
Anyway to get back the old ways? 🙂



Bjørn T Johansen

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