Re: [Evolution] Getting Error Saving Or Deleting Contacts

That's not the case. Threading on mailing lists is controlled by In-
Reply-To headers in the message, not by the Subject line. To keep
working correctly, always introduce a new topic by starting a new
message rather than replying to an existing one.

Also, it's recommended to use Reply To List (Ctrl-L) rather than
To All. Unfortunately, once someone breaks the chain by using Reply
All, replies to that message can no longer use Reply To List.
this doesn't break threading so seriously as hijacking.


Patrick, thanks for the clarification. I will try not to mess up the
list in future.

I tried to add my two cents to Bugzilla but since I rebooted my machine
this morning it appears the error message has gone away as when I ran
the commands and started the logging and then tried to edit the contact
that previously was throwing the error it now doesn't do it and works
perfectly. So I was not able to log anything useful for Milan to use in
tracking down what causes this error.

How do I turn the logging back off these were the commands I entered:

   $ export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all
   $ export LIBGDATA_DEBUG=255
   $ /usr/lib/evolution/evolution-addressbook-factory -w

I closed Evo and then closed the command window but am not familiar
with what the above commands do, so don't know if it's still running
something in the background.

Graham Sivill

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