Re: [Evolution] Evolution not listening to quit

On Mon, 2019-06-03 at 09:57 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
Michelle, by the way, the "--restart" argument of the evolution-
means to start evolution after the backup is done. I'm not sure
you do that on purpose. Also, the missing .running file indicates
evolution is not running, thus, maybe, the other running instance is
stale process, or it's running for a different user. I'm just
here. I would try to `kill -9` it and then retest the
`evolution --quit`.

Yes, I use the --restart option on purpose.

The usage of Evolution in my instance, is also to field e-mails.
Important senders are forwarded by Evolution, to another e-mail account
that is picked up by my mobile phone. So Evolution is usually running
24/7. As a result, the mobile phone only goes "ping" on my hip when
something really important has arrived. As opposed to when it was
directly connected to the in-box and was pinging with every piece of
trash that came through.

I thus use Evolution's rules and forwarding very heavily.

I don't use IMAP because I keep an extensive e-mail history and some
attachments are large; (going back to 2003) so I keep everything local,
and local backups also. That way, I don't get an irate service provider
:-) ... and yes, I accept the loss that inevitably happens
occasionally. Nothing is perfect.

I thus use Pop accounts and Evolution checks about 10 e-mail accounts,
every 10 minutes, so a simple file copy/tar could readily catch
evolution in mid-check.

Some years ago, I was also going to Europe for a few weeks and tried to
copy the files to a laptop and run Evolution from there. It failed, and
I had to run an evolution-backup from the PC, and then import the
backup on the laptop (doing the reverse when I got home) ... and I've
been using evolution-backup ever since.

Hence I rely on evolution-backup rather than a straightforward file
copy. It's neater to quiesce evolution, back it up and then start again

I did alter the script to ask evolution to quit myself (rather than
relying on evolution-backup to do it) and then wait 30 seconds, and if
evolution hadn't quit, then issue a kill. Then wait another few seconds
and then run evolution-backup with the --restart.

Something inside me believe it's more dangerous to have multiple copies
of evolution running, than it is to resort to killing the process.


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