[Evolution] Evolution not listening to quit

Upgraded my version of Mint, which has...
Evolution 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

Prior to upgrading Linux Mint, my evolution backup script contained the

export DISPLAY=:0.0
rm /mnt/tank/users/michelle/backup/mail/5.tar.gz
mv /mnt/tank/users/michelle/backup/mail/4.tar.gz
mv /mnt/tank/users/michelle/backup/mail/3.tar.gz
mv /mnt/tank/users/michelle/backup/mail/2.tar.gz
mv /mnt/tank/users/michelle/backup/mail/1.tar.gz
sleep 5
cd ~
/usr/lib/evolution/evolution-backup --restart --backup

It is set to run three times a week and needed the export command to
get the shutdown to occur.

However, on those occasions I am now waking up after the overnight
backup, to find two copies of Evolution running. With or without the
display export.

The results form the script are as follows...

michelle@main-desktop:~$ ./evo-backup.sh 
evolution-backup-Message: 09:05:55.487: evolution --quit
evolution-backup-Message: 09:05:55.886: rm
rm: cannot remove '/home/michelle/.local/share/evolution/.running': No
such file or directory
evolution-backup-Message: 09:05:55.888: dconf dump
evolution-backup-Message: 09:05:55.892: dconf dump
/org/gnome/evolution/ >/home/michelle/.local/share/evolution/backup-
evolution-backup-Message: 09:05:55.908: cd /home/michelle && tar chf -
.local/share/evolution .config/evolution evolution.dir | gzip >
tar: .local/share/evolution: file changed as we read it
evolution-backup-Message: 09:08:07.003: rm /home/michelle/evolution.dir

So evolution-backup is reporting the "quit" to evolution, but it
doesn't appear to be listening. Also, there never appears to be a
.running file in .local so I'm not sure what's happening.

I've tried dropping to a command prompt and just issuing...
evolution --quit

... but it doesn't respond and stays running.

Any advice please?


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