Re: [Evolution] Evolution not listening to quit

I've tried dropping to a command prompt and just issuing...
evolution --quit

You shouldn't expect that such a friendly termination, even not if you
would kill via SIGTERM, does stopp the app running immediately, such
commands are intended to allow the app to terminate properly.

If you "please" an app to stopp running, you need your script checking
by a loop, until the process is gone away.

On the quick I couldn't find something better, so here is a not that
good example, from a very old, nowadays unused script, but at least it
explains the principle:

pppoe_off() {
  echo; poff -a; ip link set enp3s0 down; printf "Progress: "
  while pidof pppd > /dev/null; do printf "."; sleep 3; done;
  echo; modprobe -vr pppoe; echo

A dirty hack for your purpose might be a

  killall --wait foo &&

SIGTERM 15, not 9 SIGKILL + "wait for processes to die".

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