[Evolution] Evolution problen

I received an email that when I select it from the inbox list evolution
closes.  I can some times get it to last for a few seconds enough to 
Know it came from a known person and he has no other complaints. 
The header shows on screes and it the text box sais getting message
XXXXXXXXXX.  I copied the exact message # and a search of my hard drive
comes back no results.  I have a few hundred emails that I can not read
as it is frozen on this email before evolution shuts down. Backup and
restore were no help. Selecting the inbox that holds the bad email and
holding excape key delays the shut down long enough to piece together
the email title.  Is was sent from windows.
I am running evolution 3.28.5-0  ubuntu  
I can't find where the inbox emails are stored, I tried all the hints
from thr web, and a lot of HD searches. 
As I see it I have to find the email as stored on the HD and KILL it.
Any help in where it is would be appreciated.  

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