Re: [Evolution] New user - please clarify Expunge

On Sun, 2019-07-21 at 13:22 +0100, James Freer via evolution-list
I thought my post was reasonable and no one has commented on the method. I've
found a solution which may be the best way of doing things but the Expunge
should work on a folder.

(The post is reasonable and conforms to the list guidelines.)

The root cause of the reported problem is that Gmail offers only an
approximate version of IMAP. In IMAP, folders are really folders, and a
message in one folder is not in another folder. In Gmail, labels are
really not folders, but the Gmail IMAP interface presents them as if
they are. This works most of the time because most messages don't have
multiple labels and hence only appear in one "folder", but for those
that do have multiple labels, there will appear to be a separate copy
of the message in each "folder" (whether these are "really" separate is
immaterial since the Gmail IMAP interface treats them as if they are).

I see this occasionally because I have a filter (on the Gmail side)
than files Amazon messages in a "folder" while still keeping them in my
Inbox. As far as Evolution is concerned these are two separate messages
which can be deleted independently of each other.

You can select which labels Gmail will offer via IMAP (using the Gmail
web interface of course). You should ensure that this is consistent
with the folders Evolution is subscribed to, using Folder-

The All Mail folder is the hidden label on every message (except Trash
and Junk). It's up to you whether you subscribe to it in Evolution. I
choose not to, to avoid confusion.


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