[Evolution] New user - please clarify Expunge

[xubuntu user since 2007]


After a few years of not using an email client I have decided to try Evolution.
I receive quite a lot of mail as I belong to many groups. I did use Alpine to
purge emails after a couple of years but gmail seems to change its UI and I
have decided to look for an alternative. The choice is really between Geary,
Thunderbird and Evolution... if one wants to read html (not that I want to but
so many folk use it that a plain text only email client like Sylpheed is not
for me).

I was pleased evolution installed without hitch but I am a bit unsure on the
Expunge. I want to automatically delete messages over 24 months. Went into
Folder > Properties > AutoArchive (selecting delete old messages over 24
months). That marks them for deletion but when I did a folder Expunge it did
not seem to clear them. So I am wondering how that is to work. [I put all
messages into the All Mail folder (rather than inbox)]. Maybe there is a better

Only a minor thing but I'd be grateful if someone could put me right.


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