Re: [Evolution] Change in behavior of search

On Fri, 2019-02-22 at 17:04 -0600, Japhering via evolution-list wrote:
To make this totally clear: 
Are these triplicated messages only shown in *search results*? Or
do you also see the three copies of the same message in the 
corresponding folder in the "default view", when you have no search
view applied?
Tripled ONLY on search.  Scrolling through message list shows only 1
copy of each message.  Looking at Gmail with a browser, also only
shows one of each.

<aside>I usually skip answering questions regaring the use of Gmail,
for the reason below.</aside>

GMail is only an IMAP server in that it supports the IMAP protocol -
its internal data model bears little resemblance to a 'traditional'
mail server.  It seems to care little about the uniqueness of Message-
ID, for example.

GMail does not does not use folders, it uses "labels".  Folders are
emulated.   This means you get occasion oddities. 

Does your search span multiple "folders" [aka labels]?  As a message
can have multiple labels it can be in multiple "folders" simultaneously
- you may get multiple results [aka: the same message multiple times].

This is sort of like - if you are familiar - with CalDAV/CardDAV when a
resource exists in multiple collections, something CalDAV/CardDAV fails
to provide a completely rational/clean response to [one can usually 
301 "Location" reply to the GET contents, but what happens in a
PROPFIND is not so flexible in any cross-client compatible way].

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