Re: [Evolution] No duplicate messages found.

We use as our mail server here at work. I am
running Evolution 3.28.5 (3.28.5-2.el7) on my laptop under CentOS.
Sending an email from my laptop results in a copy in my local Sent
folder and one in the remote Outlook sent folder. I  also use an
Android for mobile Outlook mail. When I move the remote Outlook sent
folder contents to my laptop local sent folder, sent messages are
clearly shown duplicated. Ctrl-A and "Remove Duplicate Messages"
results in the following:

Folder “michael duvall concurrent-rt com : Sent Items” doesn’t
contain any duplicate message.

Please advise.

I think the issue here is "what makes a message a duplicate". I
suspect, although I don't know without examining the code, that a
duplicate is determined by the Message-ID header. Have a look at the
source of the messages and you'll be able to see if the Message-IDs are


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