Re: [Evolution] Change in behavior of search

On Fri, 2019-02-22 at 08:30 +0100, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Thu, 2019-02-21 at 17:35 -0600, Japhering via evolution-list

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please, do not forward (Ctrl+F) messages, rather reply to them
(Ctrl+R), or even better reply to the list (Ctrl+L) here, unless
anything else specifically, thus all the threading is correct. Avoid
HTML format feels like a good idea too. Again, at least here on this

Sorry,  forgot to change from my default evolution email account to the
email registered with the list.  One of the few inconveniences of
having multiple emails addresses in a single client.  If only evolution
would pick the correct email to respond as...

Any thoughts on what changed?

Nothing changed. I can search and I do not get any single message
multiple times. Could you run evolution from a terminal and check
whether any runtime errors are shown before or after you start the

Could you provide detailed steps, please? That would contain the
selected folder (like On This Computer/Inbox or IMAP Account/Inbox)
the exact search options you are using, please?

I understood you see it with both On This Computer and an IMAP
which is unlikely. Could it be that you have View->Show Deleted/Junk
messages checked and there are such messages shown? Or any other
in action (instead of Show: All Messages)? There are plenty of
which can hide some messages for you, but none which could duplicate
the messages, exactly three times on two different machines (I'd
something being wrong in the local cache/summary for the folder, but
not when two machines are involved and do the same). Does it do it in
different folder(s) too, or only in a single folder?

Evolution starts cleanly at the command line.  Sitting in the inbox for
the account I want to search via the search bar.

Show:   All Messages  Search:  <Keyword>  in Current Account

Regards of the type of keyword -- something from the subject line or an
email address, I end up with 3 copies of the matches.

Simple case, I registered for a merchant account which offers a gateway
to their services named Lucy.  As a result of registration I have 1
email with a user guide pdf and 1 email with support information.

Using lucy as the keyword, I get 3 copies of the user guide email, 3
copies of the support information email and 2 copies of a credit card
receipt sent from the lucy gateway service.   All are shown to be in
the same location. Each message type has the same timestamp for the
type (user doc shows Mon 15:55 x 3, support info shows Mon 10:18 x 3
and receipt shows  01/25/2019 01:29 x 2)

I've checked the headers and the body of the emails and don't find
any correlation in the number of copies and the number of uses of the
keyword in the emails in question.

In the course of writing this email, I've read another 2 dozen that
arrived, responded to 8, added 4 calendar events and added/edited 6
contacts and still no errors showing in the terminal where I started 


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