Re: [Evolution] Change in behavior of search

On Fri, 2019-02-22 at 10:01 -0600, Japhering wrote:
Show:   All Messages  Search:  <Keyword>  in Current Account

the "Current Account" search type searches in all folders the account
has. That's, in case of Gmail, also "[Gmail]/All Messages",
"[Gmail]/Important", and others under "[Gmail]/". As the All Messages
suggests, there are all messages from all folders (labels) you've
configured. That makes it the second copy. The third copy can be in the
[Gmail]/Important, but maybe in another folder too.

All are shown to be in the same location.

This is unlikely. I'd guess that there's some issue in the local
summary of the server content, but you said there's nothing relevant on
the evolution console, thus it's not what I thought of.

By any chance, could it be that you used to search for messages in
"Current Folder", instead of "Current Account" in the past? That would
explain the change in the behavior you are experiencing.

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