Re: [Evolution] Displaying Attachments

I think the problem with xdg-mime is that it's a crossroad for
different desktop environments. When you run it under GNOME, then it
runs GNOME-specific tool. When you run it under KDE, then it runs KDE-
specific tool. And so on.

Evolution uses glib for this and relies on it. Instead of xdg-mime, try
`gio mime` (there's a space, not a dash). Eventually run xdg-mime like
it being run under GNOME:

   $ XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME xdg-mime query default application/pdf

which should use the gio, gvfs or gnomevfs (in this order, whichever is
found first) utility in the background.

I thought the whole point of using XDG in this sort of situation was
that it is desktop agnostic - so for the OP using KDE it would do the
right thing! 

Application handlers seems to be quite a common question at times with
Evolution - what is the definitive way of setting the default that is
used if you aren't using Gnome as your desktop. I know it has been said
in the past that it is abstracted to the desktop and nothing to do with
Evolution per se - but since Evolution is clearly relying on the Gnome
configuration and not the actual desktop config, it may be useful to
explicitly state what to do.

Would something like 

   gio mime application/pdf okularApplication_pdf.desktop



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