Re: [Evolution] Rules for different accounts

On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 17:41 -0600, Christopher Marlow wrote:
My question is... How do I say emails from email xxx com that was
sent to the AOL account be deleted without it affecting my other

and your version of Evolution (Help->About) is...? And the account type
(IMAP/POP3/...) is...? These are kind of important information.

For example, the 3.30.x has in the Edit->Message Filters-><pick one>
->Edit (but also under the New), contains at the top:

    Rule name: xxxx
    Rule type: [ Incoming  v ]  For Account: [ Any     v ]

which answers your question.

Alternatively, older versions contain a Condition "Source Account",
which does the same.

The actual account type can influence this in a sense that users can
disable filtering of messages for IMAP accounts, but I agree it's not
that useful information in this case, because you already said that
filtering as such works for you. I think there had been some issue with
POP3 accounts not recognizing source account properly, but I can be
wrong; I do not have any pointers handy for it.

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