Re: [Evolution] Spam Filter Problems

On Tue, 2019-02-05 at 12:46 -0800, Douglas Summers wrote:
(Evolution 3.28, Mint 19.1)

I have (2) email addresses that refuse to cooperate - one never
believes that it's spam, the other that it's not. The first one is from
Microsoft (no surprise here, huh?) and the other I accidentally marked
as spam and must manually change it every time a new message arrives.

How can I fix this?

POP or IMAP? Bogofilter or SpamAssassin?

This shouldn't happen when using Bogofilter, which is aimed for client
(MUA) usage, hence it does learns, what you teach it. I suspect you are
using SpamAssassin, which is intended for server (MTA) usage. It does
use collaborative filtering databases and needs maintenance.

I'm using POP accounts and Bogofilter and _never_ experienced this

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