Re: [Evolution] Missing attachment clip icon

On Tue, 2018-05-15 at 10:45 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
As far as I can understand, we don't know exactly why this happens,
do we? Should we try to find it out?

yes, we should try to find the root cause of this. There's a bug on the
evolution-data-server side as well.

As a guess, you mentioned move/copy of the message, when it is received
in your Inbox, do evolution filters move it around or any server-side
filters? Or is it broken also for the message when it stays in the

Of course, I don't pretend it to be done. But I have to admit that
this behavior (bug?) is quite annoying.

Right, I can imagine it. There are ways to get message structure with
the IMAP protocol (I'm not sure of other providers), thus in case of
IMAP the detection can be more accurate. I'd need to test it first
though, because my memory can be wrong.

so, given all the above, should we consider Apple Mail as "buggy"?

Maybe. They construct the message structure less ideally. They might
have a reason for it, I believe, even it's against
multipart/alternative semantic [1], from my point of view. 

...because if I disable the checkbox "show HTML suppressed part as
attachments" and I don't choose the first option ("Show HTML if
present") in the "HTML mode" combobox, the attachments are not shown
at all (which would be the worst effect).

Ah, I didn't think of such side effect, but it's because the
attachments are hidden in the multipart/alternative. When you prefer
plain text and avoid HTML at all, then the other subparts of the
multipart/alternative are simply ignored in Evolution.

BTW, and eventually, I have also received a message from an iPhone
with a similar behavior (problems to show attachments). I can share
some details here, if it matters (didn't do it right now because I
don't want to mess up the thread).

I'd guess they construct the message structure the same way.

We may probably continue in GNOME's bugzilla, with a report against
evolution-data-server. It'll be great if you could file one and send
here a reference to it. 

        Thanks and bye,


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