Re: [Evolution] Missing attachment clip icon

On Fri, 2018-05-11 at 12:38 +0200, Andrea Vai wrote:
(Sorry, but indeed I didn't know how to be not too much nor too
little "verbose" in providing the message structure). You can find a
more detailed structure attached.

that's okay, neither I gave you enough instructions.

I took your message structure and constructed a similar message here.
When I import it in evolution into an IMAP folder the massage has the
'attachment clip' icon in the message list. And it looks similarly as
in your screen shot. When I open the same folder in a different
evolution, yours 3.26.6, then it shows no attachment icon initially,
but as soon as I view the message for the first time the icon is added.

It is not added when I play with internal files and keep the cached
message content on the disk. It requires to re-download the message
from the server.

Could there happen anything to your local summary after the message had
been downloaded? You even might not notice it, like when the server
reports a UID validity change, though then the locally downloaded
messages in the cache should be deleted as well.

You can workaround this by searching for the message in
for example by searching for the Message-Id header value. You can
delete that message even when evolution is running, the next time you
select it it'll be re-downloaded and the attachment icon will be added.

I can add a code to determine attachment existence whenever the message
is loaded, thus also when loaded from the local cache, instead of from
the server, but then it will be waste of resources most of the times,
which I hesitate to do.

You can also find at [1] the screenshot of the bottom part of the
message as rendered in evo. BTW, I could be wrong but I think I never
encountered such a signature below the "attachment lines" (sorry for
the improper name). Also, those two white strips below the 2nd and
3rd attachment rows (xls and 1st docx) seem strange to me.

Those are the text/html parts in the message, as constructed by the
Apple Mail, including the two "white strips" between attachments.

Last note: if I double click on the first attach in the attachment
bar ("allegato.dat") at the very bottom of the window, it shows a
sort of message source in my text editor, is this normal?

I didn't see that "attachment.dat" here, only after I set in Edit->
Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML messages to suppress the HTML part
and to add it as an attachment in the Prefer Plain section at the
bottom of that tab.

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