Re: [Evolution] recipients are unable to open enclosed pdfs

So if I understood what you said correctly. Basically instead of
advancing to 2.28.1  2.28.2 and so on and then finally version 2.29.
The LTS or Enterprise releases just keep updating patches / fixing
broken items for lets go with the distro you said in your reply, RHEL's
Evolution version 2.28 as needed?

As Andre said, Yes. The thing about enterprise distros is that a
stable, known environment is important for commercial development of
applications. Linux can change a fair bit over time - especially APIs
and kernel hooks. If a company wants to develop an application that
uses those APIs then they need to know that they have a stable base
that is going to be unchanged for many years.

At first sight something like Evolution doesn't really fit in to this,
but you need to remember that Evo is built on Gnome and there are lots
of libraries and other applications that inter-depend on each other.
It's certainly possible that an application will need a specific Gnome
environment, and Evo is linked to that.

It's also important for companies to have a stable ecosystem for
training - you don't want to re-write all your courses every 6 months.

So yes, it's annoying from our point of view that people keep using old
versions, but it is something that just has to be put up. As part of it
though, sometimes we have to say that it's too old and they need to
talk to the distro maintainers to back port bug fixes. That's not us
giving up, but it is a reality that the devs will only fix current
supported versions, there's just not enough man power to support an
infinite number of old versions.


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