Re: [Evolution] recipients are unable to open enclosed pdfs

I'm using Evolution version 3.10.4.  Sometimes when I send a group
e-mail the recipients are unable to open enclosed pdfs, they come out
rows of numbers after my note.

Why won't you upgrade to 3.28.1-2.... which is the current version I am
using? Unless your distro doesn't have the latest version of EVO in
their repo's?

There's lots of reasons why people can't or won't upgrade - primarily a
reasonably old version such as this is because the user is running an
LTS or Enterprise release.  These sort of releases maintain the same
version of applications throughout their lifetime - which for things
like RHEL, with paid extended support, can get to 15 years: RHEL5 came
off support last year, but the paid support will keep it going until
2021, I believe RHEL5 has a 2.28 version of Evolution.


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