Re: [Evolution] Filtering Emails.... Why don't they work? ( Richard)

On Mon, 2018-07-16 at 19:26 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:

   > If I understand your problem correctly you have multiple mail
   > accounts, probably the one supplied by your ISP and one from MSN 
   > tied to a windows installation.

Yes on the multiple email accounts

And no, on ISP based account... I have the following type accounts. I
have my domain in which my emails end with @CWM030.COM 

And then I have my account in which my domain host uses to
send me emails in case getting hacked, to let me know that there's
going to be a scheduled outtage is going to occure etc. And reciept's
when I pay my yearly dues. 

If that is the case, the simplest solution is to forward the mail
arriving in to your MSN to the mail account supplied to you by your
That way you can just use the ISPs IMAP server to get all your mail.
Don't forget on the forwarding setting in MSN to deleted the original
 message once forwarded, unless you want a back up. You should end up
with no duplicates then.

I was doing at one time actually.... I was having my domain pick up
emails from the accounts I hardly use now days.. AOL, etc etc.... But,
for some reason I stopped doing that. 

You see I keep an archive of EVERY EMAIL that comes in and every email
that gets sent.... And I also keep the emails sorted by years.  I keep
EVERYTHING, like I don't even care if it was an email from facebook,
twitter etc. I kept it. For the just in case I need to reference back
to something some day.

Back when I was archiving all accounts into one place.... Which means I
was doing what you basically said... Forward everything to 1 address

What I use to do was everything I read from my domain, AOL, MSN, GMAIL
was read, replied and delt with and then also archived to a folder by
year and if it was inbound or outbound

as seen here

And then, something clicked one day in me and decided that I just
wanted to keep everything pure. STUPID MISTAKE! 
Ugh I feel sick to my stomach now... I went though all of my archive
folders and deleted everything that wasnt addressed to 

I deleted emails that were addresses to or or etc. 

I should of just kept doing what I was doing.... Just archiving
everything to one place. 

It's too bad, I don't have any backup's from a couple months ago that I
could restore and all of those emails from the or
or etc. would be restored. 

   > So although you can externally filter messages to find duplicate
   > message bodies, its more efficient to stop the duplicates at source.
   > I've tried Chris to put this as simply as I can so you can understand
   > it.

Thank you :) 


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