Re: [Evolution] Pop3 keep on server until...........

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2018 14:49:49 -0500
From: Christopher Marlow <EvolutionEmail cwm030 com

On Sat, 2018-07-14 at 19:25 +0000, Richard wrote:

Hmm -- that's basically how default IMAP works. Is there a reason
to be using POP?


Here is my reply of what I just sent to Patrick:

 And on your question of why don't I just use IMAP for
everything.... Well, you're answer is..... Pop3 ain't broke... So
it doesn't need fixing.  :) 

Also, I have been using pop for YEAAARS.... And yes, I will admit,
I had a few tragedies along the way of corrupted email files,
total loss of all emails. But knock on wood that hasn't happened in
quite a few years


Well, one could argue that POP is broken by/in its design, a position
I have been taking for ~30+ years (with varying degrees of success).
But if it's the protocol that you are comfortable with and you
understand and can work around its limitations, indeed stick with it.

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