Re: [Evolution] Null "Received time" filter condition

On Wed, 2017-10-04 at 17:25 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
On Wed, 2017-10-04 at 10:06 -0500, Lindsay Haisley wrote:

but Evo still includes mails with a null body.
could you right-click one such message, choose "Save as mbox", remove
from the file any private information, and then send it here as an
attachment, please? I'd like to see what the message without body looks

Attached. I've renamed it by appending a .txt to the name since
Evolution assumes an attachment with a name ending in .mbox is an
email, shows only part of the headers, and tries to import it. Not
altogether illogical, but not what's wanted here.

I've obfuscated the v6 address of my desktop VM.

I sent this to myself, using Evolution, and just didn't include a body.
It went through my mail server so it has the appropriate trace headers,
including a Received header, but it shows up if I filter for no
Received header as you suggested - along with other posts which were
placed in the mail folder as sent copies using IMAP protocols, and
which _don't_ contain trace headers.

You can also verify that the message has no Received header when
viewing the source of it (Ctrl+U). I doubt that both filtering part and
the UI part (message list) would misbehave.

I've checked pretty carefully and Evolution does indeed appear to
determine the received time from looking at the topmost Received
header. I've used Ctrl+U to verify this, so my first clue is the
presence of a "?" for the received time in the message index since I
order my message index on this column.

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