[Evolution] Null "Received time" filter condition

For sorting email I would like to be able to distinguish copies of
outgoing emails from inbound emails, both bearing my name/address in a
sender field. This can occur both with copies originating locally and
with received copies of emails directed to mailing lists of various
sorts to which I may post. The difference is that copies of locally
originating emails copied to a server mail folder contain no trace

The "Date received" filter spec can be the current time, a specified
time, or a time prior to the current time (i.e. age), but it can't be
left unspecified. I assume that Evolution reads the "Date received"
from the topmost Received trace header, but in the case of email
_originating_ locally and simply stored via IMAP in a folder along with
received mail, there are no trace headers. In the Evolution index,
these show up with a single "?" in the "Received" column, but I don't
see how one can filter for this.

What would it take, and of whom should I make a request, that an
additional option of "Unspecified" be added to the list of "Date
received" message filter criteria to accommodate messages with no trace

Perhaps there's an option already there that I'm missing ....

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