Re: [Evolution] No inbox

On Wed, 2017-05-31 at 15:59 +1000, nejekipl wrote:
When you press F9 you get...

right, F9 "stands for" View->Layout->Show Sidebar.

Written in it at the top of that column “On this computer” and
“Search folder”. .....

Incoming mail is IMAP port 993, Outgoing SMTP port 465

IMAP is very different from POP, and you spoke about POP from the
beginning. It would be easily searchable in this "thread", but as you
start new thread for the same issue each time you "reply" to messages
it's somehow harder to follow.

Anyway, IMAP accounts are shown beside On This Computer and Search
Folders, if these are enabled. Where did you configure the IMAP
account, in Evolution? In GNOME Online Accounts? Both are visible in
Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts. If it's not there, then configure the
account again. If it's there, but disabled, then enable it.

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