Re: [Evolution] Long standing feature request (Undo operation)

Yes, it might be a useful thing and I might use it once or twice a
year, but I can see that to do it properly it would have to be built
into every operation and that is a massive task and something that
affects the whole of the gui codebase I presume - possibly even the
other backend components (if, in between deleting and undoing,
client expunges, then that needs to be handled and involves the

I don't think it's as easy as some of the bug comments seem to think.

That's disappointing, but understandable. Do you think the difficulty
of implementing this is unique to Evolution's design, or is it just the
way things are in general? I only ask because of the prevalence of this
feature in other email clients I've used.

I suspect it's something that is "trivial" if it's designed into the
application from the beginning, but distinctly non-trivial to bolt on
afterwards. What I mean is that if it's something that is an intrinsic
part of the application, then whenever a new function is implemented,
some thought is put into the do-undo-redo process, and the way a
function is coded may well be determined by the undo requirements.
However, to retrofit it, that process has to be gone through for
everything - someone has to go through and analyse the code for every
function and action and work out how to do the undo, and it's not
unimaginable that a whole action will have to be re-coded just to
accommodate the requirements of the undo.


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