Re: [Evolution] Long standing feature request (Undo operation)

On Fri, 2017-05-19 at 14:30 -0400, Youssef Mahmoud wrote:
That's disappointing, but understandable. Do you think the difficulty
of implementing this is unique to Evolution's design, or is it just the
way things are in general? I only ask because of the prevalence of this
feature in other email clients I've used.

Probably an historical accident. AFAIK Evolution was designed from the
outset with a focus on IMAP mailing, and in an IMAP context an Undelete
feature is redundant since "mark for deletion" can easily be reversed.
IMAP was explicitly designed to work this way, though some
implementations seem to have forgotten it (Gmail for example). I
suspect POP is mainly there for backwards compatibility, while EWS is a
relatively recent addition. An Undelete function would need special-
case code for each one as they all use different storage backends (and
more than one in the POP case).

This is all supposition by the way, but it seems plausible.


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