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I second fixing existing bugs before adding features. I have to restart Evolution and/or goa-daemon several times a day because account connections "go stale" (for lack of a more technical description). And I have pretty frequent problems adding events to a calendar from an email invite. Also, this isn't an Evolution problem but it impacts Evolution functionality - Seahorse seems incapable of fully managing PGP keys (I get lots of general errors when trying to do simple things like trust or sign a key, or import new keys from servers).

I really appreciate all the hard work that developers do to build and maintain free software, and don't want to sound like I'm ungrateful. I just think it'll be better for existing users and for recruiting new users if developers of the Gnome ecosystem spend more time ensuring a bug-free experience before pushing forward with new features and projects (do we really need a Recipes app when the keyring manager isn't fully functional yet?).

Sorry for veering off topic.

On Thu, 2017-05-11 at 15:27 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
On Thu, 2017-05-11 at 04:16 -0400, David Burleigh wrote:
I recently switched from Claws Email to Evolution, and for the most part I am very happy with it.  However, I really miss the following features of Claws and would think most Evolution users would appreciate them. Perhaps some of them already exist and I just haven't found them, and if so, please let me know:
Before working on new features I rather see the Calendar getting fixed, there are a few bugs since long time but no progress.
1) A condition for filtering incoming mail: "Is in addressbook" or "Is not in addressbook" 2) Option to minimize/close to the System Tray, with an icon showing the number of unread messages 3) Ability to add an event to a calender that is a "point event", having just a "start time" and not an "end time", such as the arrival time of an incoming flight. I have to keep track of incoming guests for our institution and it is tedious to have to include an "end time" for each such event, and to see two times shown in the calendar when only one is significant. Thank you for all the development work that has been and is being done on this very nice application. _______________________________________________ evolution-list mailing list evolution-list gnome org To change your list options or unsubscribe, visit ...
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