[Evolution] Quoted text in HTML mails from Evolution displayed without "blue bar" in Outlook

Like probably many others I use Evolution in a vastly
Outlook-dominated environment.

Sometimes (shame on me) I reply to HTML mails in HTML (e.g. when I
don't want to add confusion by removing inline images etc.). I however
don't top-post, i.e. put my replies under quotes.

Lately colleagues have started complaining because they cannot
distinguish between quoted text and my replies. After checking I found
out that quoited text from Evolution is displayed in Outlook simply as
indented text, and this is indeed very confusing. Why does the blue
bar on the left does not display in Outlook as in the editor when
composing my reply?

As this is now, the feature is pretty unusable, because I need to pimp
quoted text using some formatting (underline, italic etc.) to make it
distinguishable from my reply.

I could not find any setting that would allow me to change this
behaviour. I am using Evolution 3.20.

Bug or feature?

(and, no, I cannot really tell about 100 colleagues to set up Outlook
in some particular way or tell Microsoft to fix their crappy software)

Dr. Martin Dietze
1. Vorsitzender
Deutsch-Ukrainischer Kulturverein e.V.

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