Re: [Evolution] Configuring regular white HTML template when Global Dark Mode enabled? [solved]

On Wed, 2017-05-10 at 08:26 +0200, Nico Rikken wrote:
When saving a message as draft, or to disk, the dark theme is
included in the save.

you are right, Draft messages contain the colors on <body/>.

And so when opening again and finally sending, the theme is included,
and not removed.

I cannot reproduce this. The colors are removed on send when I have
unchecked "Inherit theme colors in HTML format" and the colors are
preserved, when the inheritance is enabled (I double-clicked saved HTML
message in On This Computer/Drafts and pressed Send).

This is with current git master, before 3.25.2 release, which might be
pretty much the same as the current 3.24.2 in this regard.

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