Re: [Evolution] upgrade woes Part Deux

Andre offered a workaround, which does force Evo to fetch mail, but unless I leave Evo
running 24/7, I have to invoke that command again every time I want to run Evo.

That helps somewhat, but it is *not* a fix for the problem.

OK, so Evolution is working fine, it's a problem with your network

I find it difficult to accept that this sort of glitch should beset a straightforward
distro upgrade. 

I don't think a major version upgrade of any distro could be termed
"straightforward", there will always be issues.

And I can't believe that this problem is unique to my lashup;
surely it has happened elsewhere. Which means presumably that there is a fix;
a permanent fix, out there somewhere. N'est-ce pas?

Patrick has given you the link to the Evolution help on this issue - I
don't know why your extensive Googling didn't find it.

To expand on what the problem is, Evolution takes it's on-line/off-line 
status from the reported status of the network connection.  This is so
that if your network connection drops, Evo goes into off-line mode so
that you don't get bombarded with error pop-ups when it can't fetch
your email. (The on-line/off-line status is shown by the network icon
in the bottom left hand corner.)

If your system erroneously reports the connection status to Evolution
it will go off-line - other applications that don't need to monitor the
network status will keep on working.

The bottom line is that there is something wrong/different/non-standard 
with your network configuration such that the network monitoring
function Evo uses (GNetworkMonitor I believe) is reporting the wrong

This isn't passing the buck, but it really isn't an Evolution issue.
Evolution is working as it should do, albeit with erroneous
information. Because this sort of thing has been known in the past, a
workaround (that you've been told about) exists to get things working
while you find out the underlying network configuration cause. So yes,
you are correct in saying that the workaround is *not* a fix for the
problem, but it is *not* Evolution that needs to be fixed.


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