Re: [Evolution] upgrade woes Part Deux

On Mon, 2017-05-01 at 11:09 -0700, bg wrote:
On Saturday I posted a query about my new claim that it has no network
connection. I have verification that this is an Evo problem, because my browser
is connecting to the Net just fine, as are my iPad and iPhone, which both,
by the way, are using the same mail server, with all the same setup choices as Evo, and they're fetching 
and sending mail with no problem.

Andre offered a workaround, which does force Evo to fetch mail, but unless I leave Evo
running 24/7, I have to invoke that command again every time I want to run Evo.

That helps somewhat, but it is *not* a fix for the problem.

I am not running some idiosyncratic collection of hardware, or unusual arrangement
of broadband or mail server. As I pointed out above, my other devices which are
using the same exact mail settings as Evolution are connecting just fine.
What occasioned this is the upgrade fromUbuntu 14.04 to 16.04, which apparently
upgraded Evo to the 

I find it difficult to accept that this sort of glitch should beset a straightforward
distro upgrade. And I can't believe that this problem is unique to my lashup;
surely it has happened elsewhere. Which means presumably that there is a fix;
a permanent fix, out there somewhere. N'est-ce pas?


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