Re: [Evolution] can't change any preference setting

On Tue, 2017-06-13 at 07:41 +0000, NT KC wrote:
So the "sudo rm /run/user/1???/dconf/user" sounds plausible, but had no effect No effect

Next i deleted all dconf i could find in my homedir, and now all works.


this wasn't the best thing to do, since by doing this you lost all
customized settings for all applications using dconf. Next time for
testing purpose move dconf files in home or directly just change the
owner permissions.

sudo chown $USER:$USER .config/dconf/user
sudo chown $USER:$USER .cache/dconf/user

You could use chown for the tmpfs file in /run/user/, too, but as
already pointed out, in my experiences it simply could be removed
without unwanted side effects. I still welcome an explanation from Andre
about the "the consequences" that "are way beyond Evolution", since I'm
not aware of any consequence.


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