Re: [Evolution] Improvements since version 3.18

On Sat, 2017-06-10 at 00:31 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
See all the .news files in the "3.19" to "3.24" folders in

do not forget of evolution-data-server, because evolution it tight to
it. It's basically the main issue with dependencies, because other
system applications also link to the evoltuion-data-server, thus they
require rebuild or update as well. Otherwise dependencies are not that
big issue, because they didn't change significantly for years (it's a
dependency issue from the other side/up-side-down). Users can compile
from source even to a different prefix [1], though it can be tricky for
daily use due to D-Bus services.

Running something like:

   $ git log --pretty=format:"[%h] %s (%an)" EVOLUTION_3_18_5_2.. | wc -l

in the gnome-3-24 checkout gives me 827 general commits, 407 commits in
translations and 48 commits in the help (user documentation). Similarly
in evolution-data-server 378 general commits and 194 commits in
translations. The numbers are raw commits, not necessarily features or
bug fixes.

The web interface, not FTP, for the files can be found here:

As Andre suggested, the NEWS files are the place to look for divided
changes. You can look on all of them at once here:



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