Re: [Evolution] "You have Unsent Messages"

I didn't think Evolution used per-account Outboxes - everything is sent
through the local Outbox.  I certainly can't see an option to change
which outbox it uses (perhaps it depends on the account type?).

Just for an example: With IMAP I can configure Evo to use that same
outbox (on the server), which is used by the web interface ...

Where do you configure Evolution to do that?

Change which default folder to save sent messages in:

OK, that's the Sent folder, not the Outbox, they are very different
things.  The "Outbox" is the place that messages are put in to before
they are sent, a sort of temporary holding area after the mail is
composed and before it is actually passed on to the SMTP server. If the
SMTP server is unreachable or the mail is not sent for some reason then
the messages are held in the Outbox. The messages in the Outbox are
processed periodically or when the Send/Receive button is pressed.

Only after the mail has been successfully sent is it copied from the
Outbox to the configured Sent folder. 

If you look under "On This Computer" you can see that the "Outbox" and
"Sent" are completely separate.

(And why would you?)

Have you never been "on the road" without any of your own devices and
unexpectedly forced to respond to incoming mail. I consider it very
helpful then to know what I have sent before - and see that on any
device that can log in to your account.

Yes, OK - all my Sent folders are on the relevant remote account, that
is normal.  The Outbox is local to whatever machine the mail is
composed on - it is not logical to have it anywhere else.


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