Re: [Evolution] copy & paste oddness

On Mon, 2017-12-04 at 09:05 -0800, bg wrote:
Ubuntu 16.04 Evo

This only showed up in the latest version - never a problem

unfortunately it's the latest version in your old distribution which
provides you with an old version of Evolution. The current stable
version is 3.26.2.

I tested it again just now, and here turned up a curious phenomenon;
I can place the cursor
squarely at the first character of the "Cc" field, visually verify
that the cursor *is* there,
and when I click on "paste", the pasted string pops up at the point
where the cursor
last resided before I placed it in the "Cc" box.  Not in the "Cc"

I suppose you mean the text is pasted into the message body, instead
into the place which has focus. That sounds known and fixed, but I do
not have any particular bug reference handy, I'm sorry.

I noticed this bug when searching for the above, which sounds related:
   Mail addresses pasted in the To: field are cleared

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