[Evolution] Evolution Won't Add Account with Maildir

Hello, all!

I am using Evolution on Ubuntu Xenial Desktop.

I just set up a new Ubuntu Artful server, following mostly the
instructions on https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/ubuntu-perfect-serv
er-with-apache-php-myqsl-pureftpd-bind-postfix-doveot-and-ispconfig/ .
I set up the server to use Postfix and Dovecot with Maildir/ support.
Currently, the server is behind the firewall with no firewall
exceptions forwarding to it on my home LAN, but I plan on moving it
into a DMZ part of my home LAN (Sorry if TMI).

I set up the email server on my new Artful server and tested it by
telnet'ing to port 25 and sending an email and sending an email to the
server from Evolution on my desktop machine using the Postfix+Dovecot
with Maildir/ email server on my desktop machine; both of those worked
fine. I then tried to add an email account for the server's email
server account on my Xenial desktop machine using IMAP on Evolution.
Everything went fine until I tried to enter the password. I then
realized the mail directories weren't set up on the server, (and, here
is my first mistake,) so I installed Mutt on the server WITHOUT
the mail/ directories (Whoops). Then I re-added the server's email
account to Evolution, and everything seemed to work fine, except my
emails weren't showing up.

I then realized I had run Mutt without configuring it to use Maildir/.
I configured Mutt to use Maildir/, manually added the Maildir/
directories to my home directory on the server (as well as to the
skeleton account used to set up new accounts on the server), deleted
the mail/ directory from my home account on the server, and verified
that Mutt was reading the Maildir/'s mail and Dovecot was functioning
properly with Maildir/.

But, now, whenever I go to re-add the server's email account to
Evolution on my desktop machine, Evolution keeps re-creating the mail/
directories on the server and trying to read the IMAP mail/ directories
instead of (what I want) reading the Maildir/ directories on the
server. Evidently, even though I deleted the server's account on
Evolution on my desktop machine, some vestiges of it remain in
Evolution's files, and it keeps trying to read the server's IMAP email
as mail/ not Maildir/.

Can someone help me to get rid of the vestiges of the server's email
account on Evolution on my desktop server, or otherwise make it so
Evolution will use the Maildir/ folders on my server? I would like to
get this working before I move the server to the DMZ, migrate my old
emails from the desktop machine to the server, and turn off the email
server on my desktop (which is the reason I bought the server).

Many thanks in advance.

Jeffrey Rolland
<jrolland194 gmail com>

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